Altitude Jazz Festival 2019

The thirteenth edition of the festival will be held Saturday, January 19-Saturday, February 02, 2019!

The festival is divided into three major components: the big nights the festival revolves around a dozen "big nights" that give the rhythm of the festival in the valleys of Briançon.

The JazzBars has happy hour or evening, go on an adventure in the bars and restaurants of the Briançonnais. You will discover a multiple, eclectic and talented jazz.

The Jazz off piste!
Where usually the music stops, the Jazz off-piste begins. The ski area of Serre Chevalier, the great baths of Monêtier, but also in the street, in shelters, in libraries, in the center of Contemporary Art... Come listen to music otherwise, let surprise you!

Program to view or download below.

• Tariff (s): 5€ to €25 • information: link ticket festival

Event organizer
LES DECABLES 3A chemin de l'Emparre