Altitude Jazz Festival 2020

  • Dans divers lieux à Briançon, Serre Chevallier et alentours
    05100 Briancon
    du 18 January au 01 February 2020
The fourteenth edition of the festival will take place from Saturday, January 18 to Saturday, February 01, 2020!

The festival is divided into three main components:

The Big Nights
The festival revolves around a dozen "big evenings" that give the rhythm of the festival in the valleys of Briançonnais. These evenings are often paid, but not necessarily, it offers one or more concerts, and takes place in the various halls of the community of communes of Briançonnais: TDB (Theatre of the Briançonnais), current music room of the Face B, communal halls, etc .

Les JazzBars
At the aperitif or in the evening, go on an adventure in the bars and restaurants of Briançonnais. You will discover a multiple jazz, eclectic and talented.

Jazz Off-Pistes!
Where the music usually stops, the Jazz Off-Pistes begins. On the serre Chevalier ski area, in the Grand Bains de Monêtier, but also on the street, in shelters, in libraries, at the Centre for Contemporary Art... Come listen to music in a different way, let yourself be surprised!

Program 2020

Saturday, January 18, 8:30 p.m. TDB (c) The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra
The Very Big Opening - Briançon - Serre Chevalier

Sunday 19 January 3.30pm - TDB - Blast - Coline Llobet
Gourmet drawn concert - Briançon - Serre Chevalier

Tuesday 21 January 7pm - Multipurpose Room - Arbaa Experimental Chaâbi - Zamakan
Desert Night - Nevache

Wednesday 22 January 5pm - TDB - Isayama
Musical tale to see with family - Briançon - Serre Chevalier

Thursday, January 23, 7 p.m. - Dome Room - Tchava Genza - The Amazing Keystone Big Band
The Amazing Gypsy Night - Monêtier les Bains - Serre Chevalier

Friday 24 January 7.30pm - TDB - Ball Lindy Hop with the Swing Up Orchestra
Retro Swing Night - Briançon - Serre Chevalier

Saturday, January 25, 7pm - Cultural Home - B.L.U. - NMB Afrobeat Experience - Edredon
Trans-Africa Evening - L'Argentière la Bessée, Land of The Ecrins

Tuesday, January 28, 5:30 p.m. - TDB - Hostel - The Jazz Routes
From 12 years old
Act 3 - Villeneuve la Salle, le Bez - Serre Chevalier

Tuesday, January 28, 8:30 p.m. - TDB - Hostel - The Jazz Routes
From 12 years old
Act 3 - Villeneuve la Salle, le Bez - Serre Chevalier

Wednesday 29 January 7pm - Eagle's Lock - Cabaret - Minvielle/Lubat/Vieira
Cabaret Night - Chantemerle - Serre Chevalier

Thursday, January 30, 9pm - Face B - Imperial Quartet
Thursdays of Face B - Briançon

Friday 31 January 8.30pm - St Paul's Hall - Nora Kamm TRIBA
So'Jazz Night - Villard St Pancrace

Saturday, February 1 8:30 p.m. - TDB - Raphael Imbert, premiere Kenneth Arnold
Unidentified Closing Night - Briançon - Serre Chevalier

Full 2020 programme to consult on the festival's siete

From €5 to €25

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