Babel Minots 2018

Nomad' coffee & cities of world music have Babel Minots #5 12-March 23, 2019 - Festival and professional meetings young people from 12 to 23 March, the 5th Babel Minots itself in Marseille as a flagship event shows around the music, children and youth. Designed by the Nomad' coffee and the Festival cities of world music, this event shines in 2019 in any city with a program of 14 shows young audiences presented in 6 OM places, professional meetings and workshops as well only an exceptional musical creation driven HK (the charismatic singer of HK & acrobats) with 300 schoolchildren from Marseilles on stage.

By consolidating its educational and cultural action and wearing his reflections on the economic structure of the industry, BABEL MINOTS reaffirms its commitment in the transmission of the art and culture among youth. With professional meetings coordinated by the national network HULLABALOO, the PIM and the Nomad team ' coffee, BABEL MINOTS 2019 also delivers a unique presentation of aid systems to the young public performances as well as a return of calls to projects for the regional companies. Supported by SACEM, the city of Marseille and the DRAC PACA, this 5th edition develops and grows to settle in several Marseille landmarks.

From 12 to 23 March, in Marseille, appointment to the 5th BABEL MINOTS, an event combining festival and professional meetings, that supports the diversity of music to young audiences...

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NOMAD'CAFÉ - 11 boulevard de Briançon