Antibéa - Comédie d'Antibes # Saison 2018/19

Britannicus | Racine

When root wrote Britannicus in 1669, his career is reaching new heights. Two years earlier it was a triumph that welcomed Andromache. The power of the King meanwhile has never been as absolute. Thus, is the piece of root one of the most political of his repertoire. It is the speech of the good prince Burrhus, in the room, try to teach the emperor to act IV. In vain since Nero evokes the bad prince, an example not to follow. His fall comes because he's not listening advice from his masters, Burrhus, and Seneca. The monster is in the making. It's attraction for Junie that will reveal it. Nero is ready to do anything to achieve his ends, even to eliminate his brother and rival Britannicus. The play tells the monster was born.

We wanted to return to the political essence of the work. Nero is the product of a political system inaugurated by Augustus in 27 BC, and which will last four centuries. The monstrosity isn't only in Nero but also in Roman institutions. She also owns her own mother, ready to do anything to her child's success. It is this ambition by proxy which will cause the imbalance in her son and throughout the Empire. Also present in Narcisse, the Freedman, who symbolizes, beyond the figure of the courtier, by the able politician, the man of the people who taste the power that will corrupt him. Finally, this monstrosity is also in Burrhus, blinded by his principles and his conservatism. Same Britannicus bears its share of responsibility because he trusted the system too. Only Junie includes but remains powerless as lonely.

At a time where our society is questioning democracy, this piece struck us a disturbing news. The characters and the words resonate in our daily lives. To stage Britannicus with this perspective felt us was necessary.

Finally, we wanted to share the poetry of root. Perfection of our language. Origen is a treasure that we like to share. Resurrect our linguistic heritage regularly seems to us, in addition, be a civic duty. Our theater like root and has a long tradition with this author.

Britannicus was staged at the Theatre Antibea in 2007 by Dominique Czapski. It is with a team of actors renewed that I creates a scene, which is both different and in line with what we taught the art director of Antibes.
Production: ANTIBEA Comédie Antibes year established: 2018 staging: Cédric Garoyan; Assistant staging: Sasha Paula Distribution: Benoit MARTIN, Guilhem PUJOL, Nathalie sanding, Julia URLI, Cédric GAROYAN, François DE MAIGRET, Karine LEPOLOZEC
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