Antibéa - Comédie d'Antibes # Saison 2018/19


When you can't fall asleep, nothing beats a good story, but in the realm of fairy tales, all bets are off. No character seems to want to do what is expected of him. A witch kitchen fan, a Knight who prefer words to sword fights, a pirate flowing all the time, a builder pig, a princess who is kidnapped by a dragon, and in the middle of all this, Mr Brady trying to restore order , but when you're shy nothing is obvious.

The adventures of Mr. Brady, to meet the other. A show full of poetry and magic.
Production: Company in offset staging: Olivier Rolland Distribution: Olivier Rolland; Music: Cyril Bakana
• Tariff (s): €8 • info and booking:

Event organizer
15 rue Georges Clémenceau