Festival Z9 2019

Captain Parade

Armed with his bass and his voice hoarse, Captain Parade has only one obsession: play with his buddies, Julian on guitar and Mr. Matt on drums. With him no frills and a single currency "the Rock 'n' roll attitude!
His only goal, share his passion with the kids and give them the secrets of the perfect little rocker. Anything goes, the solos infernal, the choruses Sung loudly, the cosmic choreography, groovy rhythms that move the stump, boosted in decibels rhymes, not to mention the jingles in English because: "Yes, that's the language of the» Rock!
This show suitable for small ears is a true Primer for budding rockers. Original, funny and effective compositions and music games blow, the three friends send a show rock-and-roll and vitamin for 'Rock the kids! "
Rock kids
• Tariff (s): standard rate: €10 reduced rate: €8 (from the second show)


Event organizer
60 boulevard de l'Egalité