Festival Z9 2019

Enfantillages 3

And three!
Aldebert found its large courtyard for recreation for the rest of his childishness!
After the birth in 2008, a suite in 2013, and a Special Edition, childishness of Christmas two years ago, this new episode does not fail the rule.
Childishness 3 is not an album for kids! It is also an album that listening to family. And that's the strength of the idea of Aldebert, when he embarked on this adventure: "I have the impression of having pushed the right door. I have freedom in public young song that I didn't have before. The imagination is limitless, as well in the themes and musical styles. Often, the song for children is for children. Not to infantilize, but wake up and propose a public young song alternative, such would be my line of conduct."
For childishness 3, Aldebert, as since the beginning, writes songs in his corner, and with his team, launched ideas on those who could embody a character, because it is well the idea of the presence of guests in the album. In total, some forty artists, singers, comedians, humorists, already lent themselves to the game! This time, you are not at the end of your surprises.
Recently winner of the first Grand Prix Sacem for the creation of the young public, Aldebert strengthens avecEnfantillages 3, the links that he weaves for a decade with his multigenerational audience.
• Tariff (s): adult fare: €29 child rate: €24


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60 boulevard de l'Egalité