Fest'Hiver 2019

The scenes of Avignon presents the FEST' winter 2019 11th edition from January 30 to February 8!

The Scenes of Avignon are the grouping of five theatres and permanent companies of Avignon. Creators, theatre directors, established for many years who gather with the wish said to exist by raising their different artistic territory and well beyond.

The balcony Theatre (Serge Barbuscia) Theatre of the oak black (Gérard Gélas) Theatre of the dog who smoked (Gérard Vantaggioli) Theatre of les Halles (Alain Timar) Theatre of the Carmelites (Sébastien Benedetto) program 2019 THEATRE Hall - 31 & 30 January A 14 H 15 and 19 H
Reading [Z] e shows poetic for a toy, two voices and a few machines collective detachment International Muerto Coco texts Fred Leal, Charles Pannequin, Jacques Rebotier, Noëlle Renaude, Christophe Tarkos, Annabelle Verhaeghe...
With Raphaëlle Bouvier and Maxime knob duration 1 h 30 / from 10 years THEATRE of the CARMELITES - Thursday 31 January A 21 H Carmen de La Cancion company of I collective Elaboration with Célyne Baudino, Mathilde Dromard, Nolwenn the Doth staging Thibault Patain , Mathilde Dromard duration 1 h 20 / for everyone from 8 years the BALCONY THEATRE - Friday 1 and Saturday 2 February - 8 pm Reverence may 68, De Gaulle and me Director: Philippe Chuyên Texte: Philippe Chuyên and José Lenzini Interprète (s): Blanche Bataille, Philippe Chuye n, François Cottrelle, Morgan Defendente, Thierry Paul THEATRE of the dog who smokes - Sunday 3 February at 17:00 and Wednesday 6 February A 19 H 00 Alessandro Baricco silk / Cie it needless to say Creation 2019 duration: 1 h 30 for audiences 12 / 14 years staging : Olivier Barrere game: Marion Bajot, Olivier Barrere, Kristof Orion Theater of the CARMELITES - Thursday 7 February A 21 H my countries foreign company bursts of Scenes - Mondragon text Catherine Verlaguet staging Frédéric Richaud with Aini Iften estimated 50 minutes / all public from 12 years THEATRE oak black - on 7 February to 19 h & 8 February has 20 h Fabien in Marcel Pagnol staging Marc Pistolesi with Edmonde Franchi, Nicolas Dromard, Marie Colucci, Carlotta Muraru, Jean-Michel Rucheton, Olivier Césaro, Jérôme Lifszyc. Laure Dessertine, Damien of Andrea Co-creation black oak / in the courtyard of the large estimated time: 1h40max.
• Tariff (s): 5€ to €23 according to the shows advantage E-Pass young •: on presentation of the card culture, place €5 • info and booking:


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LES SCENES D'AVIGNON 16 rue Puits Tarasque