Festiv'Anges 2018

"The interest in family to attend the show is as simple as crucial: it is, look, in a moment shared pleasure, a common culture of equal to equal in the face of the discovery."

The artists do not like the idea that their works can be the support of a debate of taste in the assemblies Godfather-goddaughter, aunt-nephew, father-son, grandmother-grandchildren, grand·e and petit·e, sister or cousin, or ami·e... They love it! They also invent shows high poetry. They also imagine fascinating universe. Also they comprise exception travel, around the world, through the magic of the body or through the difference of human beings.

With dance, knowledge, values and human issues are sweating more that they are. Their understanding is not measured in good or bad note, but in malice, smile, in surprise. At the end of the representation, everyone speaks, it is desirable, each dream, it's essential, others Shun, very rarely, never long, and is no big deal.

"In late November and early December, KLAP home for dance invites to devour four chefs - for cheap chips - and for all ages an opportunity to surprise, together, a healthy and gourmet at the bottom of the eyes twinkle."

Michel Kelemenis
Program 2018 from 23 to 26 November in this world - Thomas Lubrun - KLAP from 28 to 30 November Hocus Pocus - Philippe Saire - KLAP from 02 to 03 December the problem with the rose - Pierre Garcia & Erika Tremblay-Roy - 08 to December 09, Entropic Now KLAP - Christop He Haleb - KLAP
Complete view or download below program.

• Tariff (s): from € 5 to € 8 • information and booking: 04 96 11 11 20 publics@kelemenis.frou


Event organizer
KLAP Maison pour la danse 5 avenue Rostand