Festival Avec le Temps 2018 | Les 20 ans !

Program 2018: - Fred Nevché (Marseille) whiting theater March 15 - do March 16 at the Theatre of Salins (Martigues) - Duo Suarez - JeHan on March 18 at the cry of the Port (Marseille) - Kary James in A bright (theater) on 20 and 21 March to Theatre the whiting (Marseille). Juliette Armanet (with Clara Luciani + nugget) on 21 March at the space Julien (Marseille) - Arthur H (+ Octave black) on 22 March at the space Julien (Marseille) - Vald (with Lorenzo + Wilko & Ndy) March 23 at the Dock of Suds (Marseille) - kitten + Friday March 23 sea to the Meson (Marseille) - Maud Octallin + Malik Djoudi March 24 to Meson (Marseille) - Eddy de Pretto + Baggare + Lonepsi on 24 March at the Dock of Suds (Marseille) - Creation La Souterraine is Extra! March 25 at Montevideo (Marseille)
Thursday, March 15, 2018, Sunday, March 25, 2018 - MARSEILLE
The festival in time celebrates 20 years! Appointment of 15 to 25 March 2018.

Marseille has a visceral relationship with the song, speech, talk. She was born in new talent. It was the birthplace of new aesthetics. The Festival "With time" took the gamble to revisit the history of the city by enrolling in the guideline right: discovery, renewal, daring and surprise, to re - draw the cultural contours of the city, its rows of fui your, its aftermath.

The main idea of the Festival "With time" is to trace through the city, a resonant course in concerts with the history of the song in Marseille and with iconic and popular places OM, which will take a very special meaning in 2018. Since this year will mark the 20th anniversary of the festival.


Event organizer
INTERNEXTERNE - 29 rue Thubaneau