Festival Tighten Up 2019

Since 2007, the TIGHTEN UP! offers in Marseille an eclectic program, mixing international trends and local artists around soul, house, hip-hop and more tropical sounds. The main motto for this festival for twelve years is always: groove on all floors!

For this autumn edition, which will take place from November 20 to 24, Selecter the Punisher, programmer of the event, invites us to (re)discover legendary artists and to support the talents of the regional scene in 5 rooms of the Phocaean city: the Cabaret Random, Makeda, Mill, Thalassanté and La Voute Virgo.

A journey around the city, which will take us from Wednesday, November 20 thlead to the Cabaret Aléatoire to attend the only concert of the Puppetmastaz, the only puppet rap group in the world that signs its comeback in 2019.

On Thursday 21st, the Tighten Up! meet you at Makeda with two live bands including that of the child prodigy of soul Alexis Evans. Sailing between Brazil, the Caribbean and Africa to lose the sense of direction, Friday 22 nate at the Moulin with the sound journey proposed by GUTS and his quintet Les Akaras de Scoville.

The penultimate evening of the festival will take us to the Estaque, more precisely in Thalassanté for four concerts mixing confirmed artists like Art Of Tones also known as Ludovic Llorca and local artists. At the end of these five days, the festival takes its quarters at the Virgo Vault and hosts a monument of New York hip-hop, the great Pete Rock!

The international guests of these 5 evenings will of course be mingled with the crème de la crème of local artists such as Groove Unity DJ's, The Chrome Syndicate, Mash Puppit, Freaks City Rockers, Frm2mars, Mr Moon - Mr Citron...

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Program 2019

Wednesday, November 20 - Cabaret Aleatoire
Puppetmastaz - Frm2Mars

Thursday, November 21 - The Makeda
Alexis Evans - The Chrome Syndicate - Freaks City Rockers DJ Set

Friday, November 22 - The Mill
Guts and the Akaras of Scoville - Select the Punisher

Saturday, November 23 - Thalassanté
Art Of Tones - Mr Moon - Mr Citron - ANDY Undead - wewillalwaysbealovesong

Sunday, November 24 - Voute VV
Pete Rock - Groove Unity
From €10 to €25 (plus room fees)

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