Festival Tous Courts 2018 | Aix-en-Provence

The Festival all short, international short films of Aix-en-Provence festival is a unique opportunity to refuel short films international, from a sharp and passionate selection among 2300 received films, all genres combined. Alternately funny, absurd, dramatic, conducive to thinking or emotions, these films represent a true concentration of global film production, while revealing number of Directors lighthouse of tomorrow. This year, the theme has been placed "on the wire". The program of projections will take you always further on the edge news and imagination, thanks to the short format and its infinite field of possibilities...

More than 35 sessions of short programs from Wednesday 5th to Saturday, December 8, dozens of thematic sessions of films in competition and out of competition.

2 international competitions the 36th International Competition of short films and the 4th International Competition of short experimental films SIX PORTRAITS XL of Alain Cavalier 3 sessions whose presence dAlain rider one: Thursday, December 6 at 8 pm at the Ciné Mazarin.

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SHORT FILM round the 2018 of the best shorts of the American festival selection.

TWO cards white session entrusted to the festival Corsican Mediterranean cinemas, nights MED di u filmu cortu, and another to the G.R.E.C. research group and test film.

THE short night: night GHOSTS the 27th night of the short on the theme 'the night ghosts': 4 programs and 3 intermissions, from 23:30 until dawn...
Until dawn...

The opening ceremony, an ARTE program, an evening Polar SNCF, a feature film Institute of the Image, the 'Tony Gatlif cinema lesson', a Masterclass of the G.R.E.C. Region, the session Favorites movies,...

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