Théâtre Liberté # Saison 2019/20

George Dandin ou le mari confondu

Director Jean-Pierre Vincent has never separated theatre from political thought. With George Dandin or the Married confused, he shows the whole modernity of Molière's discourse on the impossibility of a social class to get out of the frameworks assigned to him.

George Dandin has no shortage of assets. Thanks to his business acumen, this peasant from The World has made a fortune. After visiting the Palace of Versailles, he built a model version in the middle of his land. To top it all off, he married, for a fee, a young lady of the local aristocracy with little money. He now struts under the comic name of Monsieur de la Dandinière. It is there that Molière pins him and, in the process, Jean-Pierre Vincent with a ruthless irony in this impeccably arranged staging in the form of a trap that closes on the wrong-haired upstart. Sickly jealous, Dandin, also focused on the drink, is often violent with his wife. Money doesn't do everything, as he soon discovers at his expense in this ferocious comedy.

Molière Text
Directed by Jean-Pierre Vincent
With Vincent Garanger, Étienne Beydon, Anthony Poupard, Elizabeth Mazev, Alain Rimoux, Olivia Chatain, Aurélie Edeline and Matthias Hejnar
From $5 to $29

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