Antibéa - Comédie d'Antibes # Saison 2018/19

Jack et le haricot magique

Jack lives alone with his mother, and times are tough. One day, their old cow giving milk, Jack part sell it at the market. Along the way he meets a mysterious old man who offers to trade his cow for a magic bean that is supposed to climb to the sky overnight and make Jack immensely rich...

Thus begins the strange story of Jack and the magic Beanstalk.
Production: Cie of the cabbage Theatre in co-production with the ice underneath stage Distribution: Liliane Grau: actress and puppeteer; Serge Arnaud: comedian; Mathieu Langlois: sound and lights; Bellinda casaurang: scenography
From 3 years • tariff (s): €8 • info and booking:

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15 rue Georges Clémenceau