Théâtre Liberté # Saison 2019/20


Steinbeck and Hopper's shadow hangs over this theatrical duo of absolute formal beauty, black and solar at the same time.

For Paul Pascot, "a text is a climbing wall." That's why he climbed, walk by step, Serge Kribus's America, captivated by its beauty, its accuracy, its sharpness. First by readings, then by its deliberately uncluttered and illuminating staging. In a minimalist setting - a monumental staircase only - he tells of the unjust world in which Jo, the electric pawn who is not cold-eyed, and Babar, the big, strongman who is afraid of everything, struggle. An archetypal heroic duo reinforced by the bodies of the actors, Maurin Ollès and Edward Decesari, who should never have met. Fate has decided otherwise and the two characters will relive what they experienced together in a dialogue alternating past and present. Their words slam, the world does not turn round, rock'n roll music is coming down: the odyssey in France of the 1970s has the appearance of a tragic road-movie.

Text Serge Kribus
Director Paul Pascot
With Edward Decesari and Maurin Ollès
From $5 to $29

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Grand Hôtel Place de la Liberté
83000 TOULON