Théâtre Joliette Minoterie # Saison 2018/19

L'Apprenti | Cie Les Méridiens

A young boy is looking for a surrogate father, someone who could accompany him and who would love him for what he is. A delicate variation on the relationship that unites and separates the fathers and sons.

Sitting on the terrace of a café, a man, the fifties, plunged into devious crossword, can't imagine how the irruption of a sassy teenager at his table will turn his life upside down. After months of discreet observation, the young Julien chose carefully, him, Pascal, for an improbable mission. Pascal will be his father. It is initially shocked, annoyed, and doubtfully, but Julien is committed... In a nearby device, we will follow their thirteen appointments corn over the course of a year. Meetings like so many snapshots, witnesses of a relationship that sketch, finesse and modesty, the contours of a deep friendship that invents outside the conventions.

The company the meridians, installed in Strasbourg, is particularly attached to the language of the authors of today. After you have created the small Keene trilogy in 2013, Director Laurent Crovella continues his exploration of writing sensitive and elliptical of the Australian author Daniel Keene.
Text Daniel Keene translation Séverine Magois (youth theatrical editions) staging Gaspard Liberelle scenography Gérard Puel and Laurent Crovella with Xavier Baker
• Tariff (s): 6€ to €20

Event organizer
2 place Henri Verneuil