La Criée - Théâtre National de Marseille # Saison 2019/20

In the heart of the Phocaean City and the Old Port, La Criée - Théâtre National de Marseille, was founded in May 1981 and takes its name from the old fish auction, transferred since 1976 to the port of Saumaty, near the Estaque. Behind its listed façade, La Criée has the most beautiful plateau in Marseille with a large hall of 800 seats, as well as a flexible room of 280 seats and a large hall. More than 700 shows have been presented there since its opening. The Theatre has a status as a National Dramatic Centre and has been successively directed by Marcel Maréchal, Gildas Bourdet, Jean-Louis Benoit.
Macha Makeïeff, author, director and visual artist, has been directing La Criée since July 1, 2011.

Open on the quayside, La Criée has been transformed, welcoming and vast, with from its footbridge, the view of the sea... A factory of theatre, art and images, and fantasy, it stubbornly affirms its mission as a national theatre, the transmission of repertoire and contemporary theatre, the defence of the most diverse stage writings. A house of creation, a place of desire and impatience, La Criée welcomes poetically engaged artists and singular thinkers.

La Criée is the Theatre of every day and all time, a Factory of images and imaginations open to all.
From $6 to $35 excluding subscriptions and pass

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30 quai de Rive Neuve