Théâtre Joliette Minoterie # Saison 2018/19

La Flèche | Cie des Trous dans la Tête

In their workshop, Fred and Noll were hard to do. The famous machine images, invention on which they work hard, isn't quite to the point. And as the credits are missing, the arrival of the strange Hadaly as an intern will no doubt welcome, unless...

Very loosely inspired by the life of Frederick Taylor, known as the arrow, and theories of scientific management developed in the early 20th century, this show looks like a retro-science-fiction thriller with humor and poetry questions our relationship to the contemporary modes of production.

Guillaume Mika, an actor, Director and videographer, born of the regional school of actors in Cannes & Marseille, founded in 2013 the company of holes in the head. The arrow, reverie around the figure of the modern man in an era that saw the birth of cinema such as robotics, will be the third creation of this young company of Toulon.
Design and staging Guillaume Mika with Heidi - Eva keyboard, Maxime Mikolajczak and René turquoise
• Tariff (s): 6€ to €20

Event organizer
2 place Henri Verneuil