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La femme qui danse | Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Dance Body Theatre


Petipa... Graham... Lifar... Cunningham... Béjart... Roobins... Carlson... Forsythe... Mats Ek... Nureyev...

40 years lived on stage, multiplying choreographic experiences, influences and aesthetics, have rooted it in a personal work of creator: The Theatre of the Body. All these artistic encounters, their exchanges and the work done have enriched his field of possibilities.

For as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to dance.
Dance entered his life at an age when the perception of reality does not matter, where only the imagination carries dreams and hope. It has imposed itself on it as a no-brainer, an extension of itself, a gentle addiction. She saves her from a sickly shyness that handicaps her relationship with others.
It offers him a powerful and founding mode of expression: a talking and vibrant body...

Pietra begins a new work of introspection and dives into his psychic and organic memory to bring back faces, encounters, "moments" of dance...
Under the complicit eye of his alter ego, Julien Derouault, alone on stage, trying to reveal the unspeakable of their craft and their art, Pietra the feline invents himself guide and witness, muse and creator, disciplined and rebellious, actress and dancer.
Beautiful to cry.

"I am a dancing animal, an incarnate and disembodied being that evolves according to an inner rhythm, a musical breath, an enlightened consciousness."
Marie-Claude Pietragalla

With Marie-Claude Pietragalla
Director and Choreography: Marie-Claude Pietragalla - Julien Derouault
Musics: Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, 'Lafur Arnalds' Ravel, Debussy, Mozart, Bach, Max Richter - Arvo Purt
From $35 to $44

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16 promenade Léo Ferré