Théâtre Liberté # Saison 2019/20

La vie de Galilée

In 1610 in Padua, a mathematician confirmed Copernicus' revolutionary theories. Claudia Stavisky staged one of Bertolt Brecht's most famous plays with Philippe Torreton in the title role.

Dying for science? No way. If the character of Galileo as described by Bertolt Brecht in this historical piece is so endearing, it is because, far from being a pure spirit, his head always in the stars, this scientist played by Philippe Torreton is also a bon vivant deeply human, with its weaknesses. After confirming by his research the discoveries of Copernicus - subversive in these early years of the 17th century - that not only is the Earth round, but moreover, instead of being the center of the universe, it revolves around the sun, it prefers to abjure in public the result of his investigations rather than endure the tortures of the Inquisition. Imprisoned for life, he is in hiding that he continues his scientific work. History, as we know, will prove him right.

Text Bertolt Brecht
French text Éloi Recoing (© L'Arche Publisher)
Director Claudia Stavisky
With Philippe Torreton, Gabin Bastard, Frédéric Borie, Alexandre Carrière, Maxime Coggio, Guy-Pierre Couleau, Matthias Distefano, Nanou Garcia, Michel Hermon, Benjamin Jungers and Marie Torreton
From $5 to $29

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