Théâtre Joliette Minoterie # Saison 2018/19

Laïka | David Murgia

After the speech to the nation, Ascanio Celestini and David Murgia - from irony to the farce of the harsh reality-political satire - take us in a committed fable, a condensed version of humanity.

From the window of his apartment in the suburbs, an unlikely Jesus Christ to return to Earth scrutinizes worldwide with its supermarket and its handlers immigrants, his bar across the street, its parking lot, his bum and his prostitute... The invisible, the precarious, the voiceless, those who are 'nothing': comedian David Murgia, accompanied by accordionist Maurice Blanchy, gives them to hear and see in a fable that is committed to the powerful language and humor cleaner.

After the show speech to the Nation revealing the mechanisms of the speech of the powerful, the Belgian comedian David Murgia - some of the comedians bright of the Raoul Collectif that we welcome last season with the exciting rumors and short days- again interprets a piece of the author and Italian Director Ascanio Celestini, a major figure of the 'Theater narrative. " An invitation to observe the crisis of meaning at work in our societies since "the world of down": a compendium of humanity.
Text and staging Ascanio Celestini with David Murgia and Maurice Blanchy (accordion) voice - off Yolande Moreau translation Patrick Bebi
• Tariff (s): 6€ to €20

Event organizer
2 place Henri Verneuil