Festival Z9 2019

Le Dernier Jour

The authors of the incredible story of Gaston and Lucia offer you a multimedia musical tale in a new form: the concert illustrated.
Blend animated illustrations projected on the big screen, a band his film and 5 musicians-singers interpreting the songs of history live onstage. While the designs come alive on screen throughout the show, alternate the dramatized passages and the songs played live.
Emile moved with his parents tonight! He'll leave his school. The problem is that he is in love with her classmate Louise since kindergarten. Thus, aided by his best friend GAB and Maurice the music teacher, he planned to declare his love during the last hour of course. Too shy, he resigned finally will never confess his feelings to his beautiful.
It is then that arriving in class, Emile finds on his desk a mysterious box, which will change the course of this last day.
Mr Moon
• Tariff (s): standard rate: €10 reduced rate: €8 (from the second show)


Event organizer
60 boulevard de l'Egalité