Festival Z9 2019

Le Goeland qui fait miaou

Initiatory trip accompanied by Kino the little gull, freshly fallen out of the nest. He's going to run aground in the garden of a little girl named Cordelia. Our small shipwreck out in search of her parents must rely on the animals that inhabit this unknown land.
It's a seaside garden, the story of an encounter between a little girl and a baby Seagull, a fable for the young and the old.
Let yourself be lulled by the waves, wind, and the song of the gulls.
But tell me... Why would a gull MEW?
A story of friendship and learning, set colors by two musicians multi-instrumentalists. Songs from the book-album and composed by Constance Amiot articulated the story. At his side, the bass-Nicolas Deutsch sailboat delighted us the scents of this small square of greenery and the sea spray. A storyteller Narrator accompanies our young viewers in this Odyssey imagined by Jérôme Attal.
The Label in the forest
• Tariff (s): standard rate: €10 reduced rate: €8 (from the second show)


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60 boulevard de l'Egalité