Le Marché Noir des Petites Utopies 2019

Festival of small puppet forms

Puppet theatre is part of a common and even universal heritage that the public always looks at, observes and savours with benevolence, passion and tenderness. But its diversity and poetry are too often unknown and are still too easily catalogued as a childlike form, reserved "for children". Certainly! ... but not only!

For while the art of puppetry is not a new practice, it is nevertheless the place of real discoveries of contemporary international artists and young revelations, through small forms always impactful and encounters resolutely unexpected performers.

On the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary in 2013, ANIMA THEATRE welcomed many French and foreign puppeteers to Marseille to participate in three days of programming dedicated to puppeteers. Meeting the support of a well-loved and very diverse public, the company decided to offer regularly in Marseille, at the rate of one edition every two years, a time dedicated to this eminently poetic art, eminently political, eminently contemporary . Thus was born the "Black Market of Little Utopias". In 2015 the concept of territory was put forward, including a carte blanche to regional companies, in partnership with the POLEM network. In 2017 the opening took place at the national network, in collaboration with identified institutions of puppetry (International Puppet Institute, MuCeM, ICiMa Chair).

The 2019 edition makes the choice of a program that is always demanding, rich, and even more varied, since the proposals of artists from here and elsewhere in France, but also from Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, among them inescapable figures of this artistic discipline and invited to Marseille for the first time.

At the edges of tradition and contemporary creation, the puppet allows us to pose and express a distanced look at today's world. Also with "The Black Market of Small Utopias", ANIMA THEATRE proposes to promote and discover on our territory this art almost timeless by an eclectic and demanding program.


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ANIMA THEATRE Friche de la belle de mai 41 rue Jobin