Théâtre du Jeu de Paume # Saison 2018/19

Le Misanthrope

A clue in the vase closed of an antechamber where characters play liar poker with their feelings and with the curiosity of the spectators, who know the rules of the game yet. We enjoy it in advance.
Fierce comedy. Alceste, like Hamlet, continues to excite the imagination of the directors who are are scrub, sometimes several times in a career. The actors also. How charming is this major work of Molière, whose main character is what today would be called a paranoid, who hates society life and requires exclusivity to enjoy Célimène, which, on the contrary, has never enough love, as I said the song?
The charm is first language of course, sublime, which worms sing to our ears five acts during. The dramatic tension of the piece is to the rigour of the all powerful dialogues that characterize each character, better than their costumes, define their character, their moods, and especially their status according to 'label' that governs the Court and the human relationships, untenable without the minimum amount of hypocrisy which is often called politeness or courtesy. One wrong word and it's downfall. For Alceste, this word is the categorical, peremptory and fool "me or the others" he throws in the face of Célimène. Recognized masterpieces in their ability to cross the centuries and achieve our present, without a wrinkle. The Misanthrope is one, served here by one of the masters of french theatre.
Text Molière staged Francon Alain decoration Jacques Gabel light Joël Hourbeigt Costumes the Mary Rocca music Marie-Jeanne Serero hairstyle makeup Cécile sound Kretschmar Leonard Francon with David Casada, Pierre-Antoine Dubey, Pierre-François Garel, Gilles Privat, Lola Riccaboni, Régis Royer, Dominique Valadié, Marie Vialle (current distribution)
• Tariff (s): 9-€36

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17-21 rue de l'Opéra