Antibéa - Comédie d'Antibes # Saison 2018/19

Le gardien | Harold Pinter

The slums of London suburb where Mick and Aston, with his motley and oppressive bric-a-brac, live turns be the décor, the witness, the developer and the partner of this comedy of threat that is the guardian.

The theater of Harold Pinter masterpiece, he summed up himself the plot in a few words: 'it's the story of two brothers who hire a guard

A simple situation initially, that the language pinterien to the destructured dialogues will transform in the laboratory of mechanisms of cruelty; in this camera, a triangular ambiguous where the Viewer is attracted to nothingness relationship between the characters to complex, tortuous and tortured characters: Davies, old man homeless, racist, vain, parasite... Aston, groin deconstructed by his mental illness... Mick, manipulative and dominant.

Black novel, climate stifling and disturbing atmosphere and where the feeling of freedom lost forever, ask us the questions of the identity of the individual, the mystery of the human soul and the absurdity of the world throughout the piece.

Isolation, domination, violence, darkness, instability, madness, danger but also humor... In this takeover of man on man, in this perverse game... WHO IS THE MOST DANGEROUS OF THE THREE?
Production: ANTIBEA Comédie Antibes year established: 2019 staging: Frédérique FRANCES Distribution: Jean-Pierre FRANCES, Ford ANEMOLI, Sébastien LEROY
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