Le grand ménage de printemps 2018 | Festival des Arts de Rue

Company already confirmed: this year, the key company of the trance Express will reinvent its famous drums, paradede street music and powerful. The artists of this theatre of intervention will do think rural communities of the South Luberon and reinvent this historic show.

The collective gross domestic happiness will play, preview, his new creation parrhesia 2. Jack Souvant, Director, and his team try to speak in the public space, they settle on an ephemeral and imaginary, place where the Word takes his chance and listening comes to surprise us.

The Micro Focus collective will play for a national first, his new creation Ekivoke. Wacky, theatrical and fun ambulation implanted in the public space, with the participation of the inhabitants, accomplices of a life-size hoax. A magic trick at the scale of a common, playground of the urban deception.

The Tandaim company, conducted by Alexandra Tobe - laim, will install its Theater in box IN - TWO. Three boxes of meeting, scheduled for a player and a spectator, offer the happy Viewer privilege to tell a personal story, between fiction and reality.

The artist Juhyung Lee (former apprentice of the FAIAR - higher education of art in public space, Marseille), will present his show isn't there, it's there. Between plastic performance and form theatrical aty - stings, it cre together and do interbreed participants. Juhyung Lee is winner 2018 of the SACD.e a collective sensitive form, made from wool towels that gather and who meet the participants. Juhyung Lee is winner 2018 of the SACD.

The factors of the company no. Tunes International resume service in the South Luberon! Mobile show for a pair of factors, through a walk "stamped" in the city and from door to door, missive in statement, which raises a lec - ture epistolary tender and playful.

The 2L in the Quintel company returns with his new creation Biquette. A history of woman who engages in a neighborhood bar. She has a little messed up his life, it is not so much a feminist, just feminine and she likes to talk to strangers. Creative residency from 26 to 29 March.
Thursday, April 19, 2018 at Sunday, April 22, 2018 - CUCURON
From 19 to 22 April 2018 on the territory of the South Luberon, Cucuron, Vaugines and Cadenet art projects presented have a strong bond with the place in which they are played, their design or their dramaturgy. Natural space becomes set, as in the theater, but unlike the black box, it leaves an imprint in the memory of the spectator, as a memento in relation to a place which becomes special. Spectators are invited to a re-reading of the public space and flow with the works. Programming is bold and contemporary, with historical companies of art in public space, but also more promising companies.


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