Festival Avec le Temps 2018 | Les 20 ans !

Malik Djoudi

"You know, I fear nothing, apart from the void, that he hosted my tomorrows".

No, Malik Djoudi is afraid of nothing and his first album comes to fill a gap in the french landscape. A romance of dandy too unsure of him, calling Christophe, Sébastien Tellier and William Sheller, a voice that floats in the air nearby Connan Mockasin, a melodic intensity deaf troubling like Blonde Redhead, an intimacy which James Blake found the secret... And words in french that he handles with grace and candor, on an all too refined pop electro frame.

Through the eight songs of 'One', Malik Djoudi realizes a staggering entry in the Habs pop club, imposing a French touch that belongs to him: elegant and vibrant, impressive and fragile. Modern in design, true to the classical instrumentation, carnal Malik Djoudi pop made cry machinery by talking about our lives and our doubts, while dreaming of America and great love. The lost paradise exist and have nothing artificial. Malik Djoudi found them with love and without violence, because he's afraid of nothing. To him the beautiful tomorrows.
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INTERNEXTERNE - 29 rue Thubaneau