Théâtre Joliette Minoterie # Saison 2018/19

Mephisto (Rhapsodie) | Librement inspiré de Klaus Mann

This show we plunges into the heart of the question of the links between art and power, the theatre and the State, politics and artists, and more broadly, our own lives with the compromise...

That may mean dream of personal success in a world adrift? How far compromises to get there? What is the illusion of a personal fate that could happen off or even the world? In the 1940s Berlin plagued by the rise of nationalism, we follow the route of an actor who goes from small arrangements with his conscience and dirty hands in the name of art and culture. The famous novel Mephistodu eldest son of Thomas Mann, Klaus Mann, resonates particularly today. It raises the question, with a disturbing acuity, of the nature of our commitments, our resistances and their vanity...

Young Director Jean-Pierre Baro - formed at the regional school of actors in Cannes and Marseille and new Director of the Theatre of neighborhoods of Ivry - command to the author Samuel Gallet a play, score for eight actors, freely inspired by the work of Klaus Mann. This show will be created in March 2019 at the Theatre National de Bretagne, European theatrical and choreographic production Centre.
Samuel Gallet text a Jean-Pierre Baro freely write command inspired by the work of Klaus Mann Mise Jean-Pierre Baro with James Allaire, Julien Breda, Lorry Hardel, Clea width, Elios Christmas, Tonin Palazzotto, Pauline Parigot, Mireille Roussel
• Tariff (s): 6€ to €20

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2 place Henri Verneuil