Antibéa - Comédie d'Antibes # Saison 2018/19


"Neither immigrants or emigrants. Remove the prefix to these words means also include these population movements in the vast works of globalization. "This is the lesson that gives the Advisor to the politician who is preparing his speech. But including them does not accept them. Goods circulate freely, not humans.

The piece takes the opposite view of this tragic news by using humor.
Matei Visniec, meets the absurd by absurdity and dark humor, takes the risk of capture this deadly wandering to hundreds of thousands of men with his theatrical weapons.

' Tell me, the boat, it's the OCD?
-Of course not!
-How many people are you going to do?
-The legal number, not more, not less. Why are you so suspicious?
-Because the drowning are many lately.
-I am a professional, not a merchant of despair. I do this as a service to the boys in the neighborhood, but not with these trifles I will enrich me.
Tahar Ben Jelloun "go."
Production: ANTIBEA Comédie Antibes year established: 2018 staging: Jean-Pierre Francès Distribution: Sébastien LE ROY, David BESSIÈRE, Chems OUAARI, Carole mitten, Bernard FELISI, Guilhem PUJOL, Véronique LE GRATIET, Nathalie LE CANN, Emilien GENET Ford ANEMOLI, Olivia LUCIDARME
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