Mucem Plan B 2019

Plan B is the museum at daylight saving time: concerts, shows, cinema... In August, the Mucem becomes the place of all artistic pleasures!

Plan B is three weeks of outdoor evenings in the exceptional site of Fort Saint-Jean. Free or paid, musical or cinematic, poetic or danceable, they give pride of place to discovery, shift and conviviality.

Week 1 (August 1-4): concerts
To celebrate the opening of Plan B, no less than three concerts will be performed at each evening: pop, electro, funk, jazz... Or when musical aesthetics mingle and intertwine to create the sound of our time. With Clara Luciani, Mayra Andrade, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Nu Guinea, Pongo, La Chica, Rami Khalife, Johan Papacostantino, Voilaa sound system, Dj Guts...

Week 2 (August 7, 9 and 10): shows
Let yourself be guided by your curiosity, as this week follows spectacular, festive, unusual and even unpublished proposals. On the program, contemporary circus performances, a great cultural barter followed by a modern and quirky ball... and even the opportunity to spend an entire night at the museum!

Week 3 (August 14-17): outdoor cinema
Echoing the exhibition "The Time of the Island", four film screenings under the stars with the animated film Wes Anderson's Island of Dogs, the mythical King Kong by Schoedsack and Cooper, the futuristic epic To the End of the World by Wim Wenders and a selection of co urts-traveller footage.
Full and detailed program: Program Link 2019

Free at $30

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Event organizer
MUCEM 7 Promenade Robert Laffont CS 10351