Festival Avec le Temps 2018 | Les 20 ans !

Muddy Monk

From Fribourg, Swiss city nestled between Lausanne and Berne, Muddy Monk so to speak, grew up with the music. Son of amateur singers, he tinkers at his young age his own instruments from what it can be found in the family home then integrates, at 3 years, the choir of the city.

Its first titles, it reveals them in 2012 on Soundcloud. The musician made the choice of the french to dump his spleen and quench his thirst for adventure. At Muddy Monk, the adventure is a recurring theme, if not predominant. Alternating travel in hostile territory (the Hells in love of 'Drift') and escapades in paradisiac lands from the beaches of the Ipanema, Lagoa or "soft shores" (of "in Lea"), his music carries through sometimes insistent vintage synths and cold, sometimes tropical and comforting. Ambient, epic or sweltering, they offer its productions flavor of lost pleasures.

Between romantic poetry and sound experimentation, Muddy Monk has built his music as a great paradox where the blue dreams alongside nocturnal anxieties and where the ride at high speed is necessary as the only way to dodge the routines and flee the darkness that lie in wait.
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Event organizer
INTERNEXTERNE - 29 rue Thubaneau