Festival Avec le Temps 2018 | Les 20 ans !


Pierre-Luc, Julia and Eliane are eyelid, young Quebec trio. Who from the top of their twenty years, draw their inspiration in their nocturnal ballads, and their compatriots - Arcade Fire, Peter Peter - in Eli and Jacno synths and the fumes of psychedelic music. Eyelid dream eyes wide open both naïve and deep, light and powerful, pop music sung in a french that belongs to them. Eyelid: a boy, two girls, so many possibilities.

Their writing skin-deep puts at the service of the melody: melody and its repetition, the melody and his remembrance. The eyelid songs are filled with these small tart ritornellos that rotate and are anchored in the memoirs.

Eyelid seems to invoke in their music and love Alchemy a liberation, a paradigm shift. "Through my eyes / I perceive the universe / in another way. Lower eyelids, in dancing or listening, it's so let the world follow his race, let it be. And this could be a generational motto: close your eyes, you can see much better.
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Event organizer
INTERNEXTERNE - 29 rue Thubaneau