Théâtre Liberté # Saison 2019/20

Plaidoyer pour une civilisation nouvelle

After Georges Bernanos's France Against robots, Hiam Abbass and Jean-Baptiste Sastre adapted texts by the philosopher Simone Weil and highlighted his contributions to philosophy, political criticism and spirituality.

A radical figure apart from 20th-century French thought, Simone Weil has, throughout her life, sought to exhaust the keys in an attempt to understand and understand the world. She worked in a factory, took part in the Spanish War alongside the Republicans, before moving to London and "Free France", where she died at the age of 34. "No one has more heroically put their actions in line with their ideas," said her colleague and friend Simone Petrement. It is in line with his involvement in emergency cinema that Hiam Abbass returns to the stage to lend his voice to the philosopher, who, through his essays or correspondence, delivers a thought of an ever-present accuracy and acuity.

Texts Simone Weil
Adapted by Jean-Baptiste Sastre and Hiam Abbass
Directed by Jean-Baptiste Sastre
With Hiam Abbass
Live music Michel Lacombe
From $5 to $19

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Grand Hôtel Place de la Liberté
83000 TOULON