Théâtre du Briançonnais # Saison 2019/20

Revolutionary Birds

World music
Erwan Keravec, Mounir Troudi - Wassim Halal

But who are these birds of the Revolution? Crossed by the breath of the Arab Spring, the trio's music combines individual inspirations with collective aspirations. Mounir Troudi, a singer of Tunisian youth, draws on the deep and powerful roots of Sufi singing and revisits the Bedouin musical repertoire marginalized by the political regime in place. Lebanese percussionist Wassim Halal offers a rhythmic universe with multiple influences including Turkish gypsy music. The free bagpipes inspired by the traditional Breton ringman Erwan Keravec envelops the whole. She carries the songs and surprises us at every moment. Sometimes bumblebees inhabit the sound world, sometimes they are just punctuations, notes interspersed with silence. Each musician is in an active listening to build a precise and airy building. One window open to the other, besides, of a very rare inventiveness.
€19 /$15 / $11 / $9

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21 avenue de la République

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  • Théâtre du Briançonnais
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    Friday 09 October 2020