Théâtre Liberté # Saison 2018/19


Insatiable observer of the fight against gravity, Yoann Bourgeois man showcases the acrobats subject to external forces.
For the ordinary people, the suspension point will often by three... For an artist of circus, especially for a juggler, the suspension point's this stealthy moment where an object thrown reached the Summit of his parable just before the fall. For Yoann Bourgeois, who has being deadly, acrobatic and juggling, it is an obsession. Seeking this ideal point in all his creations, the artist makes clear: the man is subject to the same gravity as objects. What does not fight, instead. This fight is for him an "inexhaustible source of drama.
With Scala, Yoann Bourgeois radicalizes his approach with six performers who all are subject to external forces, from the first to the last second. Actors-dancers-acrobats are only driven by "machines", everyday objects such as a bed, a table or a Chair associated with various mechanisms, which only produce movement and are part of a large chain reaction. How, then, to fight against instability, centrifugal force, or gravity? It is the very essence of this singular show that celebrates 'through man' and its fragility.
Design, layout and stage design by Yoann Bourgeois with Mehdi Baki, Valérie Doucet, Damien Droin, Nicolas Fayol (alternating with Olivier Mathieu), Émilien Janneteau, Florence Peyrardet Lucas Struna Assistante artistic Yurie him lights Jeremiah Cusenier Costumes Sigolene Petey sound Antoine Garry realization of Yves Bouche and Julien Cialdella Conseil machines scenographic Bénédicte Jolys Technical Direction Albin Chavignon Board General François Hubert
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Grand Hôtel Place de la Liberté
83000 TOULON