Théâtre Toursky # Saison 2019/20

The Toursky Theatre - Espace Léo Ferré, two must-see places in Marseille's cultural life!

Theatre, humour, dance, creative residencies, music, flamenco, popular universities, exhibitions, festivals, theatre workshops... In this 2019/20 season, rich moments of discovery, encounters and sharing will echo our calls to dreams.


The little story...

On October 30, 1970, a handful of artists wrote the name of the poet Axel Toursky on the pediment of a neighbourhood hall in Saint-Maura, dreaming of continuing the beautiful adventures of the Marseille Daily Theatre and Antoine Bourseiller. The Richard Martin Company was born.
In 1971, Richard Martin founded the Toursky Theatre on what was only a hangar. It was said at the time that it was a great folly to dream of installing a decentralized theatrical action in a working-class neighbourhood and wounded.
The very idea of creation seemed to almost all a utopia. In 1974, Richard Martin's artistic and civic orientation led to a pioneering creation. He equips a bus, the Theâtrobus, and performs in the cities. Bringing his troupe to the foot of the towers was an original way to put the theatre in the neighborhoods.
Pugnacious and isolated, the Toursky team digs its furrow. Workshops, debates, collaboration with the associative fabric, exchanges with the inhabitants are multiplying. This approach is all the more unprecedented because at the time, neither social work nor the City Policy existed.

Fiercely defending the idea that Art can change social and mentalities by fighting obscurantism, Richard Martin and his theatre had not finished forging links between the neighbourhood, the Mediterranean and citizenship.
For 40 years, convinced that a theatre with a bearing on its values and history is doomed to exhaustion, Richard Martin has been constantly fighting to present to all audiences the major currents of contemporary French artistic creation and International.
Using cultural differences as a force, he creates a singular place in which the artist is a messenger who fights against stupidity and intolerance with only weapon... bird calls.

Artistic laboratory, creative space, the Toursky welcomes the saltimbanques of the world who, beyond their art, suits us to break down the cultural and social barriers that oppose dialogue between peoples.
Artists for whom war is a blindness, a failure of intelligence, a snag in man and who have in common to be heard so that those who stir up hatreds and provoke genuine ethnic and religious vindictiveness return to the radicality of their position.

The Toursky or the culture of commitment...

Culture is "a human right." It is one of the fundamental pillars of social bonding and democracy. The Toursky Theatre, created by Richard Martin who dreamed of installing a decentralized theatrical action in a working-class neighbourhood and injured, has for many years been recognized as one of the liveliest hotbeds of cultural life in Marseille.

Leading an innovative fight off the beaten track, convinced that a theatre with its own values and history is doomed to exhaustion, Richard Martin has continued to fight to present to all audiences, including the most disadvantaged, the major trends in contemporary French and international theatre creation.

Through its multiple social commitments - the fight against exclusion, obscurantism and intolerance - the Theatre is trying to rise as a bulwark against all forms of violence and fundamentalism. It never ceases to make itself accessible to all and forges links with the inhabitants, the associations and the different communities of the neighborhood, the city, the Department and the Region.

He is involved in all social problems. Through his actions, he has given rise to the respect of the people. It has become a mythical hall of international renown, a strong cultural square, an opening of speech for the public, a democratic agora of our city.
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With family, friends, lovers... Our restaurant Les Frangins d'la Soir and the relaxing bar area welcome you from 6.30pm until the end of the night, on show nights.
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