Théâtre Joliette Minoterie # Saison 2018/19

Tumultes | Cie Tire pas la nappe

Finally! A group of nine young actors panicked by the State of the world has finally decided to "do something". Interrupting their rehearsals, they occupy the stage of the theater and put on the table their desire of a coming revolution.

Marked by the history of the 1930s, the popular front and the rise of fascism, crossed by the terminology, the iconography and the ideologies of the story of the struggles, these young people today shake ideas and restless words. In a cheerful and healthy tumult, songs and slogans, these revolutionary apprentices both funny and profound, naïve and dark, have the desires bubbling and contagious.

For twenty years, the Tire company not the slick, co-led by the author Marion Aubert and the Director Marion Guerrero, is promoting contemporary writings. Welcomed at the Joliette Theatre in 2016 with the children's show the lively class, this company installed in Montpellier returns with a show that questions our ideals.
Text Marion Aubert staging Marion Guerrero assistantship staging Marion Aubert with Julien Bodet, Thomas Jubert, Gaspard Liberelle, Aurélia Lüscher, Tibor Ockenfels alternating with Gaëtan Guérin, Maurin Olles alternating with Charly Breton, Pauline Panassenko alternating with Aurélie Reinhorn and Agathe the L'Huillier, Manon Raffaëlli alternating with Agathe the L'Huillier and Mélissa Zehner alternating with Lison Rault scenography Alice Miller
• Tariff (s): 6€ to €20

Event organizer
2 place Henri Verneuil