Théâtre Liberté # Saison 2019/20

Une saison en enfer

Alone on stage in a propitiatory chiaroscuro, Jean-Quentin Châtelain delivers a lively and breath-filled version of Rimbaud's poem, admirably served by the staging of Ulysses Di Gregorio.

How a brilliant poet comes back when he is not twenty years old, on his own human and spiritual journey. Rimbaud wrote A Season in Hell after his separation from Verlaine on July 8, 1873. To translate the inner heartbreak of the poet tapped by the question of the denial of Christian values, the director Ulysse Di Gregorio chose a setting inspired by the Purgatory in The Divine Comedy of Dante as illustrated by Gustave Doré. It is here, standing in the middle of what looks like the crater of a volcano, that Jean-Quentin Châtelain introduces us to A season in hell like we've never heard it before. While one would think it suspended between two worlds, this immense actor, mastering admirably the difficult art of the theatrical monologue, transmits with infinite sensitivity the drama that is played out in this series of texts of burning intensity.

After Arthur Rimbaud
Director Ulysse Di Gregorio
With Jean-Quentin Châtelain
From $5 to $19

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Grand Hôtel Place de la Liberté
83000 TOULON