Week-Ends Musicaux #1 | Mandy Lerouge

Madrugada - Argentine tradition contemporary music singer Mandy Lerouge opens the season a Madrugada inaugural and luminous 2019 Quartet. To debut that accompanies the cultural space of Chaillol, the young artist to the magnetic presence and voice from Briançon, intoxicating, unveils first directory where echo the rhythms and melodies of the province of Misiones to Santiago del Estero.

Spanish or Guaraní, one of the original languages of these regions, it develops a new approach of rare elegance of the popular musical tradition of Argentina, in arrangements signed by the pianist and composer Lalo Zanelli, master of the genre .

Felipe Nicholls - bass Javier Estrella - percussion Lano Zanelli - Composition, arrangements and piano Mandy Liu - Art Direction, voice
• Tariff (s): €8 single free - 12 • info and booking: link ticket


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